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Reviving a Musical Life

"Ms. Tia Imani Hanna has patiently and successfully worked on reviving my general musical knowledge, ear training and vocal skills. I was not sure of how to, or if I could, resurrect these on my own. Thank you so much for what you do!" — Roger G.

The Spaces Between Us Workshop

These workshop sessions use a series of musical games and exercises to create a functional format and safe environment for musicians. Let’s challenge ourselves to hear the spaces between us.


The Spaces Between Us Intensive Workshop

This workshop presents a more intensive and concentrated version of the Spaces Between Us Workshop described above.


General Music

Feel the joy of being able to read music in your choir or writing and transposing the music of a song you have been humming. You too can feel the power of saying, “I wrote that!”

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Beginning Sight Singing

Designed for vocalists who have never learned to read music, 10 weeks of classes will cover the basics.


What People Are Saying

"In your class, I learned to make a joyful noise. In a short four weeks, I was singing in front of people with no problem, singing out loud, solo. I was playing with sound. I was feeling it. The vocal exercises you taught me, I still use.”

— Dedria H. Barker

About Green Bow Music

Green Bow Music is a private music education organization based in the mid-Michigan area. The mission of Green Bow Music is to help the community of humans appreciate that they are everyday musicians. Music lives in all of us. We want to make music accessible through education, production, performance, and community involvement.

All classes are also available for schools and continuing education venues.


News and Announcements

The Spaces Between Us Workshop

A Two-Hour Workshop
Instructor: Tia Imani Hanna
Michigan Jazz Violinist, Vocalist, Composer and Clinician

  • Learn how to hear your internal muse and express that voice.
  • Play musical improvisational games.
  • Share healing energy with other group members.
  • Generate musical compositions expressing peace and unity
  • Play with sound.

This workshop uses a series of musical games and exercises to create a functional format and safe environment for everyday musicians, (all of us). Let’s challenge ourselves to hear our internal voices.

This workshop is for anyone who loves music. There is some basic, gentle movement and participants should wear loose and comfortable clothing. Lots of fun, laughter and great music will ensue.

This workshop is available for ages 10 years to 100 years1

Sunday, October 2, 2016
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. CTZ
Donations welcome
Sounds About Right Music School
9140 S. Baltimore Ave.
Chicago, IL 60617-4416
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Song Creation Workshop for Children and Young Adults

This new, fun, dynamic program is available for ages six through high school. This workshop was part of the REO Rhythm & Rhyme Program and Creative Connections After School Program 2012.

Please enjoy these two songs, "Cool Art" and "R.E.A.C.H. Experience," produced in our workshops:

This program is available for all skill levels. No musical experience is necessary. Contact us to schedule a workshop or for more information:

Sphinx Overture Academy Summer Camp

Sphinx Overture Academy Summer Camp 2016 Chant composed by the students with Green Bow Music Director Tia Imani Hanna.

About Tia Imani Hanna

Instructor Tia Imani Hanna is an accomplished violinist, vocalist and composer who says her mission is “to create music that makes the listener remember they are spiritual beings, that spirit moves within us through sound, through vision, through dance…with joy and love.”


Private Voice Lessons

Private vocal lessons place emphasis on breathing techniques, improvisation, sight singing and basic notation.

Private lessons are $20 for 30 minutes. Order several blocks of time in advance.


Private Violin Lessons

Private violin lessons place emphasis on beginning violin for adults and teenagers. Advanced instruction focused on improvisation and presentation.

Private lessons are $20 for 30 minutes. Order several blocks of time in advance.


To schedule private lessons email us at or call 517-256-9647.



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What People Are Saying

"Tia is an exceptional teacher of people...not just music and voice. She focuses on the people, not just the subject material. She recognizes peoples' needs and responds promptly and effectively so they learn and enjoy it."

— Terry Welsh

"Tia, I don't think anyone knows this, but I always secretly wanted to learn how to read music! Now that you are teaching me, what I thought would be difficult, you have made simple. Thank you!”

— Alice P.

"You convey your knowledge of music on various levels so that it is easier to learn."

— Graciela Underwood